The Voices Series

by Linda Lee Graham

Voices Beckon
Voices Whisper
Voices Echo

Historical fiction with a strong romantic thread, the Voices series follows the endearing, inspiring, and often tumultuous lives of four young characters.

No dukes or duchesses, just ordinary people navigating extraordinary times.

The Stories Behind the Books


The novels are set in the latter decades of the 18th century, in locations as diverse as Philadelphia and Jamaica.

The era was one of the most remarkable periods in all of human history, and it’s filled with stories. The world was in upheaval!


Featured Stories >

As Rich as a Creole

Many 18th-century satirical prints mocked the indolence of West Indies planters.

A Public Nuisance

Masked balls of the 18th century fostered all sorts of illicit amusements.

Lending Libraries

Even 18th-century libraries catered to popular taste.

Constitution Day

Is the Public Good a Quaint Notion?

The opinions I have had of its errors, I sacrifice to the public good.


Man Full of Trouble Tavern

Frequented by sailors, dockhands, shipwrights, port merchants and the like, this tavern was never considered ‘genteel.’


Folding Your Own Condom

Condoms were a booming trade in 18th-century London.


An 18th Century Pastime

Ice skating was a popular pastime for 18th-century Philadelphians.

Romantic Historical Fiction

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