• Voices Beckon, Voices Whisper, and Voices Echo


Linda Lee Graham, author of the Voices seriesIf you’re searching for information about the Voices historical series, you’ve landed on the right page. Stay a few minutes to discover more about the series’ intriguing eighteenth-century setting, to read my history-oriented blog, and to view the images that spark my creative muse. The time period has grabbed my imagination, and I’m anxious to share its stories!

Featuring characters you’ll come to care about, the series is historical fiction with a strong romantic thread. The stories are set in the turbulent last two decades of the eighteenth century, against the shifting social and political backdrop of the Americas . . . ordinary people navigating extraordinary times. And make no mistake, that era was one of the most extraordinary eras in all of human history; the world was in upheaval. Scroll through this interactive timeline. Though it’s still a work-in-process, it maps the novels’ events against the events of the time.

Voices Beckon is the first novel in the series and is followed by Voices Whisper and Voices Echo. Rich in historical detail, the books follow the endearing, inspiring, and often tumultuous lives of David, Liam, Elisabeth, and Rhiannon in settings as diverse as Philadelphia and Jamaica. They’re available in print and digital format at major online retailers.

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