Creating a Story World with Pinterest

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I’m having a ball expanding the Voices story world with Pinterest. It’s especially fun pairing images with snippets of dialogue. Pictures add something to words–they always have.

Check out the boards for Voices Beckon, Voices Whisper, and Voices Echo and see if you agree.

If you’re a Pinterest fan, consider creating a board for the last novel you read that enthralled you–it may keep that story world a part of your world just a bit longer. And isn’t that why we read? To step into another world, if only for a time?

Pinterest Board for Voices Echo

Follow Linda L Graham’s board Voices Echo on Pinterest.

A pin with a snippet from Voices EchoDice

“I presume it’s dice they’ve hidden–am I wrong?” Rhiannon whispered to Betsy.

The girl shook her head, offering a weak smile.

“Good. I’ve found it best not to be bossy and wrong in the same breath. Men, especially, take exception when I am.”

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